Inside the chaos of the contemporary civilization, living among cold beers and old heavy metal and HC/punk long plays and tapes, the band Antichrist Hooligans was born in July 2010, formed by four veteran headbangers with a long history in the extreme music scene willing to make the music they have always loved. The band came to this world to show its most violent face, breaking up the boundaries among the most
bastard underground styles, whose aggressiveness runs in the veins of its members like blood.

Influenced by multiple bands and genres that go from Motörhead to Sore Throat, blending all the rawness of the 80's metal with the dirty of HC/punk, Diego (voice, Osculum Obscenum), Guilherme (guitar, ex-The Face, ex-Morbus Inferno, Mr. Twisted and others), Andrey (bass guitar, ex-Platonic Hate, ex-Anal Putrefaction) and Cristiano (drums, ex-Necrobutcher, ex-SRMP and others) intend to make a furious and crude Metal Punk, without regarding to genre labels, trends or some stupid philosophies that infest and infect the underground.


ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS (BRA) - We Will Piss On Your Grave - CD
ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS (BRA) - Nekrothrash Alcoholocaust
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